. . . favorite word . . .

my favorite word today is
sounds like it means
so much red,
you can’t count.

But say it slow for me, for yourself and note:
how it makes you almost bite your bottom lip
you pout the V out and open with the R
and moisten your lip closed with the M
open again and tongue your teeth with the L
smooth your tongue in the middle for the “ya”
with the coupled L and I and back to the roof
of your mouth with the N to close the word off.

it’s a work out, a rather sexy word
if you let it be.

now – give me one of your favorite words.

food, humor, nature, photography, weather

lights are on and stable captain . .

oh – and not a moment too SOON!
and this toilet situation, i will not go into detail
but i’m glad we’re back to civilization
let’s just say we had follow camping rules for flushing
as it takes a lot of water to do so: yellow mellow, brown down.
i now understand why my cats get ornery if their litter box isn’t up to par . . .

first thing i did was make a hot cup of vanilla chai
and some buttered toast since i couldn’t before –
all the things i can’t heat and toast without power.

and if i had to eat one more can of
Orange Pseudo-Spaghetti Italian Nitemare
with Scary Soy-Cow Meat Forms,
i swear i would’ve set something on fire . . .
with my little propane stove.

but mind you – in all this adventure
i am appreciative of Mother Nature,
because hey – she’s no bullshit,
and she knows how to get your attention
and boy does she make for a wicked macro,
i know that i became very up close and personal
over the last 6 quiet and dark days
and i mean in more ways than photography.

books, weather

well well well

deep in the ground and no pump . . .
day 5 here without power and water
although it teased a bit and came on
for approximately 10 minutes, then
it was back to generator power.

took a shower in the RV today,
which consists of military style
wet, turn off water, soap, shampoo
rinse, turn off water, condition, shave
rinse again . . .
60 seconds, my ass.
not when i haven’t see hot water in 2 days.

well – i’ll try not to whine too much
at least i have internet access, refrigerated food
and bottled water.
oh – and i get to make use of all these candles.

how very Virgina Woolf i feel –
no wonder she drowned herself,
she missed running water.
another storm is approaching . . .

family, nature, technology, weather

water and lights

well my pretties . . .
Hurricane Isabel was no joke,
day 3 here with no power
which also means, no water.
i’ve been hiberating like a bear.
amazing how the body will shut down
when there is no regular stimulus
even the hum of A/C and underlying vibration of power.

you would not BELIEVE what i had to do to get online.

my prince of a man went and drove to PA from MD
to get a generator, and soon we’ll be semi-functional
but before this, i had a converter
hooked up to a DeWalt powerdrill battery
and that was connected to my brother-in-law’s laptop
and then, good old dialup as the phones still work.
i have 3 online classes this semester
so . . . i NEED to get on this bastard
and hopefully get to my own resources soon.

food, humor, photography

the ingredients and the tools

An amateur photographer went to a dinner party. He took some prints to show the hostess who exclaimed how beautiful they were saying, “These are great! You must have a very good camera.”

The photographer said nothing.

When the party ended, the photographer told the hostess, “That was a wonderful meal. You must have some great pots!”

Sometimes . . . yes – what you use to get the job or the joy done is the discerning factor. But mostly, it is what is in between those four invisible lines that creates something delicious and delectable to the eye and the heart.