books, weather

well well well

deep in the ground and no pump . . .
day 5 here without power and water
although it teased a bit and came on
for approximately 10 minutes, then
it was back to generator power.

took a shower in the RV today,
which consists of military style
wet, turn off water, soap, shampoo
rinse, turn off water, condition, shave
rinse again . . .
60 seconds, my ass.
not when i haven’t see hot water in 2 days.

well – i’ll try not to whine too much
at least i have internet access, refrigerated food
and bottled water.
oh – and i get to make use of all these candles.

how very Virgina Woolf i feel –
no wonder she drowned herself,
she missed running water.
another storm is approaching . . .