mama’s got a brand new bag

i am UTTERLY surprised

Brooks bought me a new camera!

i suppose he wanted to see me bring it up to the next level of dSLRs
and so – soon, i will be the proud owner of the following lovely items:

w/ EFS 17-85 Lens Kit


Speedlite 580EX Flash

Brooks never buys me jewelry or clothing. It’s not my style to be dressed up and adorned.

When i wanted to learn how to build a computer and perform subsequent upgrades, fixing any problems myself – he set out to help me pick out parts, assemble it, and put together the desk i ordered so i had a nice workspace. He even lit candles and put a potted plant on it. That plant now resides in my loft overlooking the forest and near to the whirlpool tub in a MUCH bigger pot as it is too big for my desk.

When i was taking an astronomy course i showed a great interest in meteor showers and constellations. i spent time studying physics, looking at spectrograms and hanging a pointed finger out car windows to tell everyone what the formations were. In response to this – he bought me a telescope.

When i was living in Detroit still, 7 years ago when we first met, one of the first gifts that Brooks sent me was a developing tank. i was taking my first photography course and hand developing black and white. i was so thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift and now THIS!

To me it says that the man i am with supports the hobbies i adore, and takes an interest in what moves me. Even more, it shows that he likes what i do and his gift says that i do it well enough that i have improved and that it requires the new equipment sure to expand my skill and knowledge.

He really liked my Red-bellied Woodpecker photo. He even printed it and put it in our living room and declared it one of the best photos i have ever taken. :shrug: Who knew?!?! Here i thought i was just hanging out in an artist community where i could share my little part of the world, get feedback on what i was doing and in doing so, i produced something that he really liked and inspired him to buy me such an incredible gift. He said it was because he wished the photo had been shot on a better camera with more information so he could’ve made the print bigger and i could put it out there in the world. i was so flattered and so proud – he is a very kind, very wise, very attentive man, and his opinion always mattered most to me :heart:

Now – as far as opinions go – i have read the in-depth review and i notice some great photographers use this camera and the models just above it (getting into the $5-8000 range).

SO – if anyone has any feedback or opinions on handling and usage, it would very appreciated. :nod:

in the meantime . . . i am thrilled to await its arrival and it will come into its first, most important job when i shoot my friend’s wedding, Josh and Amy on March 5th – making this the 3rd wedding of my friends i have taken photos for.

i may even have to give this camera a name.