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moving on . . .

Yes. I know. It’s been since February . . .  but let me explain:

We’ve moved our home from Southwest to Northeast Portland
(from the South Burlingame to Irvington neighborhood).

I’d barely finished Winter term when Spring Semester was
already bursting through the ground (like those new black
and red tulips I left behind and the compost bin I had going.)
that would’ve come in handy for some fresh gardening.

And soon, I will be helping my boss to move our office . . .
Does the fun ever end?

i’ll tell you all the rest soon!

2 thoughts on “moving on . . .”

  1. Christina says:

    Hope you’re enjoying your new place! 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    I’ve often thought this (and the above photo clinches it): your blog is the most visually satisfying of any I follow. I especially enjoy your color scheme and they way you integrate it throughout (ie red shoes, red stripes on box).

    To be more on point, I hope you find some spare time to plant black and red tulips at your new home!

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