i don’t want to sleep anymore today
i don’t want to rest my thoughts
or save my strength
i just want to wander
and lust after nothing.

And so i did, and decided not to work
and that 6 page paper
on the disorder of my choice
is going to have to fucking wait

For the world
is green but muted
and i’ve forgotten
to listen.

Cabbage butterflies
and curled yellow leaves
and the red rusted thresher
waits in the field.
While the last part of pink
and the best part of brown
go off dying together
in a dirty marriage.

The crows line the wires
and the songs are like taunting
a cow’s tail swtiches
and hits the tree bark fence
and they eye me carefully
and neither one of us
is brave enough
to charge barb wire.

But we wander
and we lust
and we trust
that all things live
and die quietly.

i plan on making some noise about it.