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sunrise sunset moonrise


i am back from AZ – a sight-filled, delicate journey
mild weather and attentive, gracious company.

Tucson, AZ is nearly the polar opposite of Friendship, MD
a dusty, stark beauty – rusted red, stucco orange & sand beige
and here now, at home a lush, cool damp of green gone gray
and blue chilled to soft white.

i picked grapefruit off the trees, in January (amazing!)
and had jumping cactus attack my sandaled feet (unwise!)

on the plane as we landed in Baltimore
the moon was like an orange rind
plump and cut in half
– a ruby grapefruit.

and now i sort through photos
and memories.

nature, photography, weather

creature feature

i hope i don’t bore you all
with the billion bugs
and the few thousand flowers.

should i go photograph buildings
or portraits
or industrial scenes
or road kill?

as a writer, i tend to write what i know
and what – photographers shoot what they see?
so YOU see what i SEE, i suppose.
and though i do have concepts
i have mostly fortunate scenery . . .

i see five acres of forest,
i see horses and trees and flowers
i see explosive colors everywhere
and everywhere i go i see
a picture.

today while driving i saw
a lightning storm
a rainbow
a row of trees
blinking on and off with
the million green lights
of fireflies
a once impeccable white classic car
with hanging fuzzy dice
badly wrecked on the side of the road.

and i wonder at how to capture it all.
and will i have time?